My experience with the Louisville Bartending School was not what I initially expected it to be. As a college student, most University classes I attend have a typical atmosphere that is conducive for traditional learning, but not for confidence, charisma, or hands-on applications. At the LBS, however, class puts an emphasis on these things. I feel that anyone who is a kinesthetic learner, and who wants to build confidence in their bartending skills so that they feel at ease behind any bar, would find these classes useful. In addition, classes are interactive and fun and allow you to relax and learn at a comfortable pace. With this in mind, I feel like attending these classes was a good investment of my time and money; anyone who wants to become a confident bartender would feel similarly.

– Lauren W.

Lex does an incredible job teaching the material multiple ways, so that students of all learning types can grasp the concepts. Being behind the bar pouring, cleaning, and making conversation give the feel of working in a live environment.

– Trey S.

Since graduating from the Louisville Bartending School  in mid-February 2018, I have had the pleasure of bartending with a professional bar service that tends to contract with very high-profile local events (Homearama; Hope Scarves, Lincoln Foundation and Norton Foundation fundraisers to name a few) as well as wedding receptions and other private events. I have also managed to contract to provide bartending services on my own, the latest during the 2018 Breeders’ Cup. My contract was accepted to provide nightly services for a group of 30 in town staying at a local bed and breakfast, no tip jar allowed. My assistant who also graduated from LBS, was able to get a side deal to provide music nightly. Although they were free to order whatever they wanted, they truly enjoyed the specialty cocktails that I offered each night: Down the Stretch, Across the Board, the Breeders Cup Breeze, and since this is bourbon country, on their first night, the Old Fashioned, of course. Long story short, our third evening with them, we were discretely tipped $100 EACH by one of the guest.. Our fourth and final night, the leader of the group pulled us aside and related to us how much he appreciated us working with the group, what a fantastic job we did, and to show his appreciation, we were tipped $1200 – EACH! With others discretely tipping us, we both ended up with approximately $1500 each, not counting our contracted price which was paid by the bed and breakfast. I would encourage anyone to get into this business and find their niche. Of course I couldn’t have done any of this without the instruction, perspective and encouragement from Lex, LBS instructor Extraordinaire, and I’m so happy I made the decision to attend.

– Trisha Berry

Loved it and had a lot of fun. It is an amazing course and i will happily recommend it to to others.

– Kaleb R.

This was an amazing course. I learned so much. Although I am a bartender already I learned to have more confidence, and the correct techniques for bartending. I know that this course has set the groundwork for me to become the skilled bartender that I dream of being.

– Kira G.

Lex is a kick ass teacher. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable with his approach to “tough love” teaching. He offered nothing but instructive criticism. You knew everything out of his mouth was meant to help you improve in your battening skills. 10/10 would take the class again.

– Gonzalez-Downs S.

I really enjoyed the course! I encourage all who are interested to come here!! Lex is the best!!

– Kiara J.

I had a lot of fun taking this class. I learned so much and the hands on behind the bar experience was definitely great practice for the real deal. Loved everything about it including the instructor! My only regret is not taking this class sooner.

– Anja H.

I really enjoyed this class. Turns out I learned than I thought I did. Awesome instructor.

– Karina B.

The course was amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. So glad I was able to take this course.

– Shyanna J.

Had a great instructor and enjoyed the class. Learned more than I have from being behind a bar.

– Brandye B.

I had a wonderful experience with the course. Lex is a awesome instructor! I had a job before I graduated.

– Mirinda L.