About Bartending

A Practical Degree in Mixology is a stable and fun source of income.

We are now in the second “Golden Age of Cocktails”, the first beginning in the late 1800’s lasted through the 1920’s.

Professional Bartending is the Universal Skill that has proven to be recession and depression proof. Good economy or bad… the Skills of a Professional Mixologist are always in demand.

A Trained Professional Bartender can work at a ski resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado or a Hyatt in the Caribbean. Others, looking for a different atmosphere, may enjoy benefits such as paid vacations, insurance, and reserved guest privileges while employed in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami or London. As a Professional Bartender, many of our graduates have found that by developing “regulars”, there is nothing as FUN as clocking in where “everybody knows your name” … and it’s profitable as well.

Professional Training behind an actual bar is very different and requires more than just reading a recipe book… and it’s far… far more FUN!! Like driving a car, the practical skilled trade of Mixology is best learned by doing hands on training with the guidance and encouragement of an Expert Instructor. Mixology is a skill learned by practice and mistakes are costly. It is preferred by Management that Bartenders have learned customer service, alcohol awareness, and cocktail preparation behind an actual bar, as in contrast to online.

Once acquired, the timeless craft of Professional Bartending has been the gateway for many career professionals, leading to opportunities in one of the highest growth industries, employing approximately 10% of the workforce in the United States. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports “… that job prospects are good for bartenders since dining, entertainment and social activities remain popular pastime … there should be 65,600 brand new positions created between 2012 and 2022″.

Cocktail, beer and wine sales are a primary source of profit for restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. Many Food and Beverage Directors & General Managers for countless hotels, cruise ships and casinos began their careers in bartending school by learning how to properly greet and serve guests from behind the bar.

The Profession of Bartending has supplemented the income of countless others who are simply looking for a backup profession, or a way to provide additional income for the needs of a family (new home, dental braces, schooling, reliable auto, etc.) For others the hands-on expert training provides for early retirement, grad school, or travel.
In 2 Weeks Learn A Skill That Pays.

Additionally, the flexibility provided by a degree in Professional Bartending has assisted others who find significant changes in their lives or incomes. The impact of corporate downsizing, factories closing, and other challenges that life often presents, are diminished by the income and stability of a job as a Professional Mixologist.
With 40 hours of Expert Training at Louisville Bartending School ,

” Every day is payday.”